Camp Buffalo Game Reserve extends over two thousand hectares of unspoilt Zululand. The terrain is mountainous with dense bush and valleys and habitat that gives the reserve a very high carrying capacity for birds and wildlife alike. The views and vistas on the reserve are simply breathtaking and there are a number of stunning look-out points.

The reserve is home to more than fifteen different species of mammals and in excess of 187 species of birds have been recorded. Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Impala and Red Hartebeest are in abundance and are seen regularly. Due to our concept of selfguided game viewing excursions, the reserve does not boast any dangerous game such as Elephant, Rhino, Lion or Buffalo.

We offer our guests exclusive use of the reserve. 
We do not entertain more than one group of guests in the camp or on the reserve at any time. Due to the terrain, it is advised that one comes with a four wheel drive vehicle in order to experience Camp Buffalo Game Reserve to its fullest.

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